Bow Ties for Boy

It’s Wednesday! Blog find of the week has to do with BOW TIES! No, not the pasta (even though those are always a hit in our house) but that cute almost geeky thing that boys, and even some men, wear with a dress shirt.  It can be so difficult to find things to make for the little boy. This was one that was sure to step up his style for future Sundays.

You can find several easy versions of them— Velcro ones, clip on for adjustability or the good ole fashioned tie ones.

We went with the good ole fashioned tie a bow tie one (which Dad loves having to look up instructions for every time)

(Can you tell our basketball goal is pretty old? haha)

Want to make one for your little guy? Here are some good tutorials we gathered together for you.

Delia Creates is an ideal one to follow.

Prudent Baby has yet another one that can be interchangeable and adjustable.

And Papernstitch has an easy velcro bow tie.

Now go make your handsome little man his own bow ties, or several, for that matter!
Let us know in the comments how it turns out!

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